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Master the art of soap alchemy and build the hobby or business of your dreams !

Be the master or mistress of your own success from soap artist to business owner by following our contemporary flexible courses delivered through a variety of teaching methods with ongoing post-course support

The  Institute is located in the heart of a medieval village in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


Caylus or CAILUTZ to give it its Occitan name was settled in the 9th century. Its colourful, often tragic and chequered history has left its imprint on the village, reputed to be one of Napolean's key Head Quarters and the main centre of commerce and industry for the region for that time. 

Locals are keen to recount that when the Roman military occupied the village, led by CAIL, fires were burned (LUTZ) on the surrounding hilltop as communication beacons and so local legend suggests this is how the village got its name CAILUTZ. 

Echos of legends and stories of dragons, hunchbacks, the plague, and Cathar persecutions are all etched into the ancient architecture watched over by our famous wolf gargoyles on the Maison De Loups (House of Wolves).

Tarn et Garonne (82), South West France in an area of outstanding natural beauty,

The Institute overlooks the magnificent château and parklands to the south whilst panning round you are a spoiled by superb views across the ancient medieval rooftops, the church spire that rises majestically towards the sky and views across the valley to the surrounding hilltops. 

Our well-equipped ultra-modern training laboratory facilitates learning in a professional environment and, depending on your course, is put at your disposal to formulate and experiment with your own soap range, under our supervision.

No matter your level of expertise, you'll find a course that's right for you and if you don't we'll custom make it for you. From cold process, hot process soaps to syndets, liquid soap, laundry, and dish soap, your saponification learning needs are fully catered for at our training Institute.

On-site residential self-catering options


Courses are delivered in English and/or French and many of our courses offer a residential option in our chic, modern apartment at preferential rates.


The self-catering apartment is fully equipped and is located directly above the Institute. It's sunny, south-facing balcony overlooks the beautiful château and parklands of Caylus and is a mere 1-minute walk into the centre of the medieval village which boasts all amenities necessary for a stress-free stay.


Free parking is available directly opposite the Institute. 


You are unique, so too is your course !

The Institute offers a unique range of flexible courses that are designed with your learning needs, styles, and dreams in mind.

From small group short courses for wannabee soap makers to intensive 3 to 7-day boot camps and masterclasses for the more experienced hobbyists and professionals, no matter your level, the Institute has a course for you.

Unlike many of our competitors, we believe in keeping our course structures fluid to flow with YOUR EXACT REQUIREMENTS. We do this by asking you to complete a Skills Analysis, a simple questionnaire that helps you identify your existing skills bases and helps us to design a course uniquely for you. This particularly applies to our private courses on a 1-2-1 basis.

We also differ from other soap making schools in that our expert in saponification, Jacqueline, has a deep heritage of curriculum development and delivery from her career as a UK Training Consultant to both the corporate and the education sectors. 

Whatever your needs, don't hesitate to talk to us about your project

13 rue du château

82160 CAYLUS

Tarn et Garonne, France


Artisan Savonnière 

Expert Formatrice en SAF

Tél: +33 (0)

SIRET: 82892804400027

Le laboratoire Cosmetic Safety Assessment UK réalise les dossiers cosmétiques pour les savons Airmeith Savonnerie de Caylus selon le règlement Européen (CE) 1223/2009. Nous vous presentons nos savons avec un étiquetage conforme, destiné à vous informer  sur la nature du produit, sa composition, sa fonction, ses précautions d’emploi et ses conditions de conservation .

AVERTISSEMENT: Les informations sur nos produits sont données à titre informatif, elles ne sauraient en aucun cas constituer une information médicale, ni engager notre responsabilité. Pour tout usage dans un but thérapeutique, consultez un médecin.

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