Covid-19 Doing Our Bit

In accordance with government directive,
the Savonnerie store in Caylus is closed from March 16 2020

until further notice.
Our website remains open for your orders.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Uncertain Times


This is a tumultuous time for everyone;  many of us risk succumbing to coronavirus disease, so it is important that we ALL follow every guidance and regulation whilst  remaining particularly vigilant and caring of our loved ones and others.

Vigilancy includes respecting hygiene measures and it is worth knowing that natural hand made soap from The Centre de Formation, Savonnerie de Caylus is equally effective as hand sanitising  gels.

Unlike some well known brands that market their detergent soap as a "Beauty Cleansing Bar, 100% of our authentic, traditionally made soap are composed of 100% natural ingredients that cleanse and sanitise the skin while drenching the skin's epidermis with moisurise. 


Donations and Falling Prices


We have taken the initiative to provide soaps from our Savonnerie to the municipality for the village crèche , those in most need and the polling stations for the municipal elections.


Some of our competitors have eploited the situation hiking up the prices of hydroalcoholic gels on their websites or in their stores.  We've opted for the opposite approach by reducing the price of some of our solid soaps by 50% available on our website until March 31, 2020.

We also have a small stock of our sanitising hand gel, made with alcohol, organic aloe vera gel and a blend of essential oils renown for their sanitising and skin care properties. Visit our boutique but please remember, this product is limited to one per order. 

Everyone's health is everyone's responsibility and with our action (and yours), we hope to help limit Covid-19 for the benefit of everyone.

English speakers living in France

As of midday on 17th March 2020, the french government imposed mandatory self-isolation until further notice.

This means that you cannot leave home unless to do essential shopping, health care reasons, going to work where you can't work from home etc.

Where you need to go out, you must complete an ATTESTATION DE DEPLACEMENT DEROGATOIRE (a self-declaration) that you complete and take with you EVERYTIME you leave your home.

You can access the declaration here.

This is a simple translation of the ATTESTATION

I the undersigned: 







certify that my reason for leaving my home is for one of the following reasons:

1) going to work as I cannot work from home

2) going shopping for food in authorised outlets

3) needing health care

4) need to leave home for urgent family reasons, to help people in need or for child care

5) brief excursions locally, linked to individual exercise (excluding group sports) or dog walking


Sign and date

13 rue du château

82160 CAYLUS

Tarn et Garonne, France

Artisan Savonnière 

Expert Formatrice en SAF

Tél: +33 (0)

SIRET: 82892804400027

Le laboratoire Cosmetic Safety Assessment UK réalise les dossiers cosmétiques pour les savons Airmeith Savonnerie de Caylus selon le règlement Européen (CE) 1223/2009. Nous vous presentons nos savons avec un étiquetage conforme, destiné à vous informer  sur la nature du produit, sa composition, sa fonction, ses précautions d’emploi et ses conditions de conservation .

AVERTISSEMENT: Les informations sur nos produits sont données à titre informatif, elles ne sauraient en aucun cas constituer une information médicale, ni engager notre responsabilité. Pour tout usage dans un but thérapeutique, consultez un médecin.

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