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" I've never really considered why my shop-bought soap could have been to blame for my constant dry skin and psoriasis. I really wanted to take control of what I put on my skin and started looking into making my own natural cosmetics. This course intrigued me and became hooked on wanting to learn more. I followed this course up with Jacqueline's HOW TO BE THE PERFECT SOAP MAKER which put ME in control of my skin health. Amazing! " 

 - Linda Gibson, UK -

Why wouldn't you want to harness nature's wholesome goodness and craft a luxurious, skin-friendly beauty product, following in the traditions of your ancestors?


Well, you can from Jacqueline Hurley, an expert in saponification and curriculum development, in this theoretical introduction for newcomers to the craft of making hand-made luxurious soap.

Entirely free !

In this free, introductory course, Jacqueline de-mystifies the most feared aspects of cold-process soap making and reveals the differences between detergent and soap and demystifies the confusing world of soap, Syndets, glycerin, and combo bars. 


She reveals secrets that other soap makers don't want you to know and helps you to prepare for your entry to the full paid course entitled HOW TO BE THE PERFECT SOAP MAKER.

Science is king

What Jacqueline doesn't teach you in this short course is any practical aspects of soap making as the most important aspect of this craft is to fully understand the science since, without this underpinning knowledge, the saponification process will control YOU when in reality it should be you controlling the saponification process!

Launching October 2020

There are a total of 5 mini-lectures hosted on our partner platform UDEMY.  Most are presented in the form of videos converted from keynote presentations with text, images, and audio. The lectures are presented in an easy to follow and understand manner.

Make no doubt about it, there is a reason that soap has been crafted for thousands of years using the alchemic principle of marrying an alkaline with an acid, a method that has remained alive for over 4000 years and remains much the same today.

So come and dip your toe into the soap making cauldron and conjure up your inner soap-maker to the benefit of your health and the health of the planet too.

It's FREE !


Download our course programme booklet - It's not yet available in English but all our training courses can be delivered in English

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Le laboratoire Cosmetic Safety Assessment UK réalise les dossiers cosmétiques pour les savons Airmeith Savonnerie de Caylus selon le règlement Européen (CE) 1223/2009. Nous vous presentons nos savons avec un étiquetage conforme, destiné à vous informer  sur la nature du produit, sa composition, sa fonction, ses précautions d’emploi et ses conditions de conservation .

AVERTISSEMENT: Les informations sur nos produits sont données à titre informatif, elles ne sauraient en aucun cas constituer une information médicale, ni engager notre responsabilité. Pour tout usage dans un but thérapeutique, consultez un médecin.

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