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Le laboratoire Cosmetic Safety Assessment UK réalise les dossiers cosmétiques pour les savons Airmeith selon le règlement Européen (CE) 1223/2009. 

Nous vous presentons nos savons avec un étiquetage conforme, destiné à vous informer  sur la nature du produit, sa composition, sa fonction, ses précautions d’emploi et ses conditions de conservation . Certains composés naturels contenus dans les savons peuvent présenter un risque d’allergie chez certaines personnes sensibles.

En règle générale, faites toujours un test d’application de votre préparation, dans le pli du coude, au moins 48h avant de l’utiliser. 

AVERTISSEMENT: Les informations sur nos produits sont données à titre informatif, elles ne sauraient en aucun cas constituer une information médicale, ni engager notre responsabilité. Pour tout usage dans un but thérapeutique, consultez un médecin.







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Getting Started

Naturel * Convivialité * Bien-être * Plaisir * Découverte

Increasingly more and more men and women are looking to the natural world for their beauty and personal care but when it comes down to understanding what is natural and what is not, it can be a mine-field. 

I can list many luxury and everyday brands that claim to be natural but just because a little bit of oatmeal is thrown into the product doesn't mean that it is 100% natural.


You'd be suprised to learn which of these brands fall into this category but, whilst I don't want to point the finger as you need to do your own research, I can guarantee you that you have one or more of such beauty or personal care items lurking in your home. 

Little wonder then that I've recently seen a huge uptake increase in my soap-making workshops from the gereral populus, but what if you can't get here to Caylus?

Many people turn to the internet to learn a new skill or hobby. The community of crafters and in particular, soap-makers, is extremely generous in sharing their know-how and "expertise".


However, please do be aware that not everyone is an expert with years of practical soap making experience under their belt and what may seem to be accurate is often not as the article is sometimes an easyway for the author to gain more followers and notoriety, irrespective of whether the article's content is accurate or not. 

Soap-making is an ancient craft dating back over 4000 years. It is a chemical process that deserves respect not only for it's heritage but also for its alchemy. It is absolutely important for the novice soap-maker to understand something about the chemistry in order to remain safe but to also produce successful results. 

So, if you can't get to Caylus to attend one of my workshops, you have a number of choices available to you:

A | Find a cold-process soap making course near you ensuring that you have done 

      thorough research into the person or school offering you the course or


B| Get a copy of my HOW TO BE THE PERFECT SOAP-MAKER e-book which is a written

     version of my 1 day beginner's course packed full with easy to understand

     and step-by-step instructions. 

There are two versions available :

If you subscribe to my site, I'll send you a LOOK INSIDE FOR FREE copy; a short version of the original that contains some interesting facts about soap, it's history along with introductions to some key facts you need to know before moving into the world of soap making.

Or you can dive straight in and purchase the full version from my ETSY boutique !

A beginner's in-depth guide to practical cold-process soap making by Jacqueline, France's leading Artisan Soap Maker and provider of soap making courses for beginners to professionals.

 |Creative Know-How | Step-by-Step Instructions | Recipes | Charts | Secrets That Others Don't Teach You |

This is a digital  download in PDF format

Whether you are a complete novice looking for a new hobby or a seasoned self-taught soap-maker in need of some under-pinning chemistry guidance to help improve your results, this book is for you.

Whilst soap-making is fun, addictive and creative, many of us forget that alchemy is involved to turn simple fats and oils into a gorgeous, luxurious hand crafted  7 in 1 product.... face & body cleanser, make-up remover, shampoo, conditioner, epilator foam, laundry soap, stain remover and more ! 

Don't be put off by the word "chemistry".  Think of it more as you controlling nature's wholesome goodness through a process that results in stunning pieces or art work that will be the envy of all.

This e-book is a digital workshop. It mirrors the practical course content of my ever popular 1 day beginner's soap making course "Stage Découverte" that I run from my workshop in France.


The only difference is, of course, is that I'm not physically with you to guide you through but with this guide, I'll be there in digital guise, helping you to unleash your soap-making potential with confidence step-by-step.

Key to learning something new is the opportunity to work things out  for yourself following given examples and this guide does just that. You'll master the art of using SAP tables to calculate your akali quantities.  You'll create dynamic recipes based on a firm knowledge of saturated and unsaturated fat values. You'll be in charge of "trace" rather than "trace" being in charge of you. You'll easily convert the volumes of recycled tubes and carton boxes that you'll use as moulds into a metric or imperial weights to determine the total oil quanties required for your recipes. 

These examples are but a few of the important soap making skills you will master that are rarely found in similar soap-making know-how e-books. 

From front cover to back page, there's 60  illustrated pages with lots of instructions, information, hints and tips that walk you through step-by-step your own journey towards becoming the perfect soap maker. 

You'll learn about:

 * SOAP FROM THE DAWN OF TIME to the present day
 * SOAP MAKING METHODS in a modern world
 * SURFACTANTS demystified
 * SAPONINS and lather giving botanicals
 * SAPONIFICATION explained in simple terms
 * FATTY ACIDS, their properties & their role in the saponification process
 * RECYCLING CARTONS, BOXES AND TUBES into no-cost re-usable moulds 
 * SAP VALUE TABLES and lye calculations explained
 * SODIUM HYDROXIDE in different forms - how to use and what to do
 * DE-MYSTIFYING Super-fatting and Lye discounting
 * KITCHEN PANTRY ALCHEMY turning basic pantry ingredients into stunning soap
 * EQUIPMENT & UTENSIL choices and methods of sterilisation  
 * KEEPING YOU safe, healthy and happy in your work
 * SOAP MAKING step-by-step from recipe design to curing and eveything in between
 * TRACE IN all its guises.
 * CREATING A COLOUR PALETTE from nature's panier 
 * COSMETIC FRAGRANCES versus essential oils
 * CLEANING UP with ease
 * GIFTING your soap like a professional
What you'll do :

 * DEMONSTRATE YOUR NEW KNOWLEDGE through a series of practical activites
 * FORMULATE recipes with ease without the need for an on-line calculator
 * CREATE YOUR FIRST SOAP with the digital me as your constant companion
 * GO-IT-ALONE with confidence following suggested recipes 
 * MODIFY SUGGESTED recipes to create soap that is as unique as you are


What you'll get:  
 * VALUABLE guide packed full of tips, tricks and professional know-how
 * SAVONNERIE SECRETS other soap makers don't want you to know
 * SAP VALUE tables 

 * THE LOW-DOWN on recipe formulations
 * OIL & FAT properties chart
 * STEP-BY-STEP guides with easy to understand illustrations
 * A COLOUR wheel to help colour your soap using botanticals
 * 2 EASY VEGAN recipes for you to formulate and follow
 * ESSENTIAL OIL recipe blends with staying power
 * FRAGRANCE know-how
 * EXTENSIVE summary of soap making terms



When you buy this e-book, you'll also get:

* a  discount coupon for my ETSY shop 
* A free Certificate  attesting to your soap-making abilities at Level 1 (details of how to claim your Certificate is outlined in this book.)


Yes, this e-book is more expensive than others you can choose from, but, in life, "you get what you pay", in other words "spend a little, expect little, spend more and open the door to a world of soap-making secrets that others don't want you to know.   

Don't forget that I'm also here for you to contact me with your questions and help resolve any soap-making issues that you may be experiencing.

Enjoy !


A distance learning modular course for you to follow at home with direct and regular video conference access to me. If you'd like to find out more, please contact me  

Happy Soaping !


how to be the perfect soap maker ebook