Hidden Treasure PLAY DOUGH Soap for your Little Treasures !

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Difficulty Level 1 - ideal for kids aged 7+

During home-schooling, why not get your kids involved in a creative activity that not only teaches organisational skills, but has elements of maths (calculations..), reading (following recipes and instructions)..) science (how soap is made...) along with windfall learning. Don't worry, I'll give you a crib sheet for the science bit !

Just think how eager your kids will be to use the soap they've made and in these uncertain times when hygiene is king, you won't have to nag them into hand-washing.

The magic of cornstach added to Melt & Pour soap turns the soap into a play dough fantasy land where anything can be created. Let your kids sculpt the soap into any shape and let it air dry. These hardened shapes can be used in the bath or embedded into another Melt and Pour soap creation for a unique effect.

What you'll need

Ok, you might not have everything to hand, especially the soap base but this is easy to buy on the internet for home delivery.

During these times of COVID19 confinement, please don't forget that your order will have passed through many hands in the logistics chain. Therefore, I recommend that you wear gloves, wipe down the external packaging with an anti-bacterial agent and disguard the external packaging to a building outside if you have one or in the communal waste. This might seem a bit OTT but better safe than sorry. Since the lesson starts here, explain to your children what you are doing and why.


500g Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Base

(quantity depends on how much soap you want to make ! )

Widely available in France and UK :

FRANCE Try: aroma-zone amazon.fr joliessence

UK Try: The Soap Kitchen Justasoap


3. SOAP MOULD (If wanting to embed the play dough soap into another soap)

You probably have silicone cupcake moulds hanging around but if not, yogurt pots, ends of plastic milk bottles or plastic pots make excellent soap moulds and you can even use a small but strong cardboard cartons providing you tape up the edges to prevent leakages and fully line them with strong parchment or baking paper.



Ensure strict supervision of this ingredient whilst working with your kids.


You can buy liquid pigments made especially for Melt and Pour soap but you can also use things from your pantry such as turmeric, curry powder, paprika, coffee, chocolate and even food colourants although please be aware that these could stain the skin if over-used.


You can use essential oils without problem or a cosmetic fragrance(s) but never use any other type of fragrance such as fragrance oils or burner oils, the types that are used to freshen the air. These aren't skin friendly and can be toxic.

Making the Soap Play Dough

1. Cut melt and pour into 2.5cm cubes and put into microwave safe container (180g of soap should be plenty), cover with cling wrap and microwave for 30 second intervals until soap is melted. The liquid soap will be HOT so take care around your children.

Add your fragrance oil to the soap and stir.

2. Add the Corn Flour to the soap, about 4 tablespoons for 180g of soap and stir, stir, stir! The corn flour may not be very willing to mix in, just keep stirring and it will eventually combine into the soap. You can scoop out any floating clumps with a spoon if they just refuse to cooperate.

3. Decide how many colours you want and pour the cornstarched soap into individual containers, one per colour then add your colourants.

4. Let the soap cool, it is easiest to work with if it is still soft and warm. We have found that pouring a thin layer of the soap out into a mould (not the one you plan on using), or even on your counter is the quickest and easiest way to do this. Once the soap has stiffened it will peel off easily. (For this example we poured little pools of soap onto the counter)

5. Knead the soap in your hand, depending on how cold it is it may take a minute to be mouldable – then do this with all of your colours.

6. Start sculpting! Let your sculpted soap sit for about an hour to fully harden

You can use your soap as it is just like this – or you can embed your masterpiece in clear soap to make it last a little longer.

To Embed

1. Follow step 1 and use clear soap. then pour a thin layer of the soap into the mould and spray with alcohol to pop any bubbles.

2. Let this layer sit until there is a stiff skin on top, spray with alcohol – this helps the next layer stick

3. Get your sculpted soap and spray it on all sides with alcohol then set onto the first layer of soap

4. Fill the mould the rest of the way full with the clear soap and spray with alcohol

5. Let this sit for a few hours before removing (the longer you wait the easier it will be to remove from the mould)

The Science Bit

You can download a home-schooling activity that teaches the science behind soap. It includes simple and fun experiments for kids to do to reinforce their learning. You never know, you might learn too !

Download the Activity here

Happy soaping !

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