Soap Garlands - Fun Home Activity for Kids (and Adults too!)

Difficulty Level 2 - ideal for kids aged 7+, fun but a little fiddly

During home-schooling, why not get your kids involved in a fun, creative activity that uses soap to create scented garlands.

Soap garlands are one of my best sellers. I make these from bits of scrap soap, buttons, cinnamon sticks and other everyday decorative items.

They take time to do, but hey, time is what we all have at the moment, so no pressure. Have a rummage in your button box, your craft stores, your kitchen panty to find some unusal items to complete the look

What you'll need

Ok, you might not have everything to hand but the items needed are easy to buy on the internet for home delivery.

During these times of COVID19 confinement, please don't forget that your order will have passed through many hands in the logistics chain. Therefore, I recommend that you wear gloves, wipe down the external packaging with an anti-bacterial agent and disguard the external packaging to a building outside if you have one or in the communal waste. This might seem a bit OTT but better safe than sorry. Since the lesson starts here, explain to your children what you are doing and why.

1. Lots of different coloured soap - these could be ends of soap or alternatively you could make your own coloured soaps with a Melt & Pour soap base and liquid colours

2. Cookie cutters in different shapes

3. Buttons, beads, cinnamon sticks, shells, small toys or any other decorative items you can find in your craft box.

4. Slim ribbon or natural string - don't use coloured string as this will taint the soap. best to us hessian or sisal string, the type found in garden centres.

5. A slim knitting needle to make holes in the soap for the string. You can use a large eye leather needle but please supervise young children if using this implement.

Creating the Soap Foam

1. Have fun cutting out lots of different shapes from the soap with the cookie cutters. Make sure that the soap is at least 3cm thick, anything less will break when the needle is passed through to make a hole

2. You can make your garland as long as you like but the ideal is around 5 soap plus your decorative items otherwise, the garland becomes too heavy and could snap the string.

3. Lay out your soap on your worksurface in a line leaving a small space in between each soap. Take your string and roughly measure how much you need. Allow a good 15cms on top and cut the length.

4. Decide on your decorative items to intersperce with between each soap. Lay these out and when happy with the design, you're ready to start stringing !

5. This is fiddly so take your time. Carefully pass the knitting needle through the soap to make a hole. Depending on your design, you might need to make two holes, one at the top of the soap and the other at the bottom.

6. Thread your string through the top hole of your first soap and create a hanging loop. Tie off.

7. Into the same top hole, pass a second piece of string down through the body of the soap so that it comes out at the other end. Put a large secure knot at the top where you've created your hanging loop.

8. Now tie or thread on your decorative item and secure with a knot on the underside.

9. Continue treading on soap and decorative items and tie off when complete.

10. Hang up for all to admire your handiwork !

Happy soaping !

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