First time soapers, seasoned hobbyists and professional soap-makers will just love this e-book, packed full of in-depth information, tips and tricks to mastering soap alchemy to produce stunning soap art. 


Penned by Jacqueline, expert in cold-process saponification and artisan savonniere, HOW TO BE THE PERFECT SOAP MAKER introduces you to the fascinating history of soap-making throughout the ages before getting to the nitty gritty of kitchen cupboard chemistry, the mysteries of fatty acids, colouring and fragrancing your soap naturally to mastering emulsion, trace, the saponification process and much more.


Unlike other soap-making e-books, HOW TO BE THE PERFECT SOAP MAKER doesn't include recipes for a reason; this is because you'll learn the intricacies of recipe formulation based on fatty acid molecular structure meaniing that you get to grips with one of the most important aspects of soap-making that other soap-makers don't want you to know about. 


Soap making experience comes from experimentation and putting your learning into practice. Yes, you will have the odd disaster but by note-taking as you work, recording temperatures and photographing your end results, you'll be better placed to analyse and make judgements about what went wrong. HOW TO BE THE PERFECT SOAP MAKER  will be your constant companion and the solutions to problem solving will be found within its pages and don't forget, you can always email Jacqueline directly if you need further help. 


If you're new to soap making, you can walk through the tutorial that explains in detail the ingredients and soap making process and make use of the troubleshooting chart for any questions or problems. Fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions take away the guess work, the e-book helps to quickly build your confidence towards achieving your own soap and glory.


Seasoned hobbyists and professionals will also benefit from some exclusive tips and techniques not found in other soap-making guides and the book also serves as a "refresher" to remind you of things you may have forgotten. 


Here's an exciting insight to the topics covered:


  • What is meant by Cold-Process ?    
  • A Soapy History    
  • Soap versus Detergent    
  • Surfactants     
  • Natural Surfactants and Saponins    
  • Spotlight on Fatty Acids    
  • Moulds    
  • Spotlight on Sodium Hydroxide   
  • Saponification Values    
  • Lye Discounting    
  • Recipe Formulation   
  • Emulsion versus Trace     
  • Additives……Colourants, Fragrances…etc   
  • Step-by-step guide to making soap    
  • Gifting Your Soap    
  • Packaging your Soap for Gifting    
  • Appendices    
  • 1. Natural Colourant Wheel    
  • 2. Soap-making Terms    
  • 3. Properties of Other Fatty Acids used in Soap-Making    
  • 4. Triglycerides    
  • 5. Spotlight on Water quantities for sodium hydroxide dilution    
  • 6. Controlling temperature in saponification    
  • 7. Trouble-shooting    
  • 8. Aesthetic and textural problems    
  • 9. Suppliers    
  • An Interview with Jacqueline   
  • About the Centre de Formation SAF, Caylus S.W. France    
  • Assess your skills, track your progress and maybe book a course !    
  • Dedication by the Author   
  • Copyright and Content Accuracy   

e-book ENGLISH version "How to Be the Perfect Soap Maker"

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